We are the leading industrial automation solutions supplier to the manufacturing sector and related system integrators in South Africa.

Premium Technology

We import and distribute the latest premium technology from around the world to provide a complete industrial automation basket. Dynamic and passionate, we understand the importance of innovation, cutting-edge technology, customer satisfaction and technical support.

Control Panel

We stock a full suite of control panels and related equipment as part of our industrial technology offering. Our top-quality products include visual displays like HMIs, touch panels, industrial enclosures, DB boards, panel heating and cooling, switchgear, and surge protection devices. We also stock indicators and audible signals; relays; connectors; and marking, printing, and labelling tools.

Sensing & Switching

We supply all industrial sensing and detection systems by top brands such as Murrelektronik. We provide all the connectivity equipment to use with the sensors and measurement devices. The full complement of field sensing and switching devices includes proximity switches and photoelectric sensors.

Machine Vision & Identification

Rubicon Industrial Automation's machine vision and barcode reading tools enable companies around the world to improve assembly verification, eliminate defects, automate production and identify challenging barcodes reliably across a wide range of industries and applications. 


Rubicon Industrial Automation provide a comprehensive range of safety automation products including mechanical machine guarding and safety gate switches. In addition, we supply the safety devices needed in and around machinery, such as safety scanners, light curtains, PLCs, relays and all optical safety sensors.

Cable Solutions

Our cable and cable management range incorporates a full scope of industrial control cables, bus cables, and high flex cables. We also supply everything needed to manage cables including trunking and conduit systems.