Cable Solutions

Our cable and cable management range incorporates a full scope of industrial control cables, bus cables, and high flex cables. We also supply everything needed to manage cables including trunking and conduit systems. Brands we stock include Lapp Kabel and Pflitsch.

Data cables

Our range of data transmission cables provide good protection from electrical interference and are coated with flame retardants. They can be used for various applications including multifunctional electronics, electronic control equipment, and office machines, in dry or damp rooms.

Power & control cables

We stock power and control cables that are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications as well as dry or damp rooms. The high quality cables are available in a wide choice of standardised lengths and individual cuts.

Industrial connectors

We stock reliable industrial connectors for use in industry, machine building, control cabinets and outdoor applications. Our connectors can withstand extreme conditions.

Conduit & drag chain

Our protective cable conduits manufactured from plastic or metal protect cables against mechanical and chemical stress in indoor and outdoor applications.

Cable glands

Our durable cable glands have been designed for maximum mechanical and chemical stability, providing reliable seals in various industrial environments.

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