Control Panel

We stock a full suite of control panels and related equipment as part of our industrial technology offering. Our top-quality products include visual displays like HMIs, touch panels, industrial enclosures, panel heating and cooling, and switchgear devices. We also stock indicators and audible signals; relays; connectors; and marking, printing, and labelling tools.

Best-in-class solutions


Our diverse range of enclosures for use in automation and industry consider the technical, design and aesthetic aspects necessary to perfectly integrate your equipment. Coming with the required environmental ratings, thermal considerations, and dust protections, these products are strong, lightweight, versatile, and easy to mount.

Thermal management

Extreme climatic conditions and changes between day and night temperatures can negatively affect electrical components. Our range of energy efficient thermal management solutions ensure climate control for machines, enclosures, service racks, data centres, and other sensitive parts.

Industrial controls

Our full range of industrial control products are suitable for optimising the performance of machinery and factories across several industries.

Circuit protection

Our range of circuit breakers protects building, infrastructure and industrial applications from short circuits and overload.

Industrial communication

Monitor, manage, control and secure your machines, plants, or power distribution operations with our diverse range of robust industrial communication products. These solutions ensure your communication networks are constantly available and perform reliably, even under difficult conditions.

Surge protection

Our range of surge protectors protects sensitive equipment that’s connected to DC or AC power from damage during sudden power surges caused by lightning or electricity outages.

Power supplies

Optimise operation safety with our comprehensive range of flexible and durable power supply products suitable for various requirements. Products include switch mode power supplies, transformers, changeover switches, load circuit monitoring and more.

Buttons, switches & indicators

Ensure the safety of employees and equipment with our extensive range of pushbuttons, switches and indicators. Our indicators and audible signals come in a range of colour and sounds suitable for various environments.

Motors & drives

Our range of highly reliable motors and drives have a short start up time and are easy to set up and maintain.

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