Safety Automation

We provide a comprehensive range of safety automation products including mechanical machine guarding and safety gate switches. In addition, we supply the safety devices needed in and around machinery, such as safety scanners, light curtains, PLCs, relays and all optical safety sensors. The brands we supply include Euchner and Troax.

Safety switches

Our range of safety switches keeps people and machinery safe, providing peace of mind. Contact and non-contact safety switches are available.

Safety relays

The highly accurate safety relays we stock have been developed for use in a wide range of industrial applications and carry international approval ratings.

Presence sensing safety devices

Our range of safety devices monitors and protects zones. They are durable and function reliably even under adverse weather conditions ensuring the safety of people working on or near dangerous machinery.

Safety connection systems

Safeguard your machinery with our flexible, reliable safety connections wiring systems.

Programmable controllers

Our safety programmable controllers monitor simple to complex safety functions to protect people and machinery in all industrial applications.

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